I got my first “One Star” rating! I am officially an author!

Well, I got my first spiteful negative rating from a fellow competing self-published SciFi author. I feel flattered that he was so intimidated by my superior novel competing against his that he wanted to rate it poorly. Not to rant, but seriously, dude. Out of curiosity, I checked out his novel and wow it was a load of CRAP! I won’t name it, because that would mean. I just think that fellow self-published authors should try to support each other rather than do these fake ratings to make your product look better. I actually expect a lot of people to not like my novel! It’s not for everyone. But this guy’s rating history shows that he gives lots of self-published authors crap ratings while highly rating his own piece of crap. Which just makes him a crap head. 


3 thoughts on “I got my first “One Star” rating! I am officially an author!

  1. Curran, ignore it and move on. more and better things in life, more books to be written, better people to interact with… there are 6 billion people in the world, of which probably 100s of millions read books. chances are that more people will like your book than not, so ignore negative comments and move on.

    • good advice for sure! It just irritates me when it comes from a competing author. I just got an email out of the blue from a reader who loved my novel. It was so cool and really inspired me! How’s your sequel going?

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