What if THE SITY was made into a movie?!

There is no harm in dreaming a little, right?

When I originally began writing The Sity, I immediately began picturing it in my head as a big budget action movie. With each sentence that I wrote, I began to imagine the action sequences popping off the IMAX 3D screens. I began to see the faces of the characters coming to life in the theaters. Who would direct it? Who would be the actors and actresses?

Although there is no film deal in the works, I thought it’d be fun to imagine what could be. If The Sity invaded Hollywood, who would be the stars and starlets?

To answer that question, I recruited my good friend and pop-culture/entertainment guru Meghan. Besides knowing all the ins and outs of Hollywood, she is also a grrrrreat photographer, a creative button maker, and a heavy rock reviewer for the magazine Revolver. It was her difficult task to cast a potential SITY movie (the only restrictions being that there were no restrictions)! Since this is make believe, we have an unlimited budget and every young and old star in Hollywood would jump at the chance to be in the film! 🙂

Over the next couple weeks, I will be doing a series of blog posts where I reveal her castings for The Sity The Movie. Each day will have a new cast member starting from the smaller roles and building all the way up to Victor and Carina.

I hope you follow and enjoy the posts! Let us know if you agree or disagree with the actors and actresses chosen in the comments section!

Now we just need to make this happen for real!!!



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