New customer review of The Sity

“The Sity is the dystopian sci-fi horror tale of Victor, a young man trapped in a kind of circus where humans are tortured for the amusement of aliens.

I was impressed by the world Geist has built for this novel – it was so unique and terrifying and multi-layered. The action was fast paced and the story was full of shocks and revelations. The characters were well developed and interesting. As the story went on it started to seem like there were a lot of characters to keep track of, but that is a minor complaint for such a richly developed alien world setting.

I enjoyed the fast pace and would definitely class this as a gripping page-turner. I look forward to the next instalment. A word of warning – this is a very dark read with a fair bit of torture going on and gory acts of revenge. I would recommend this to fans of dystopian sci-fi and sci-fi horror.”

Thanks for the review! I am glad you enjoyed the book.


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