Another Poem – Unfulfilled Dreams

Unfulfilled dreams
around me
I can taste despair
on my lips
when I kissed you
and knew it couldn’t be
My body was hating me
I lifted away into the clouds
watched rain drift
at the sound
of your heart beat
But a distant murmur
from within me
refused to release
To nirvana
I wish to complete
forever hollow
this last disgrace
My body is hating on me
Only being empty of
when love is the farthest
is when the black dove comes
to me
I wished again
to let me have you
filled up with the love
The energy that only
I can bestow
But woe is me who seeks to be
better than the wreaking body
permits of me
And so rejects
the body
the soul
The heart denies
the tumor that grows
in my skin
My enemy
My hate
My heaven
to see deep inside the hell
that resides
is to taste unfulfilled dreams
such as mine

This is an oldie from 2003


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