Life is like a roller coaster

Sorry for the long delays between posts. Some times life throws your curveballs. It’s been that type of summer. But it’s made me do some valuable soul-searching and bring about positive changes in my life.
Writing has always been an avenue for me to explore the depths of my psyche and emotions. However, some times life gets so complicated it’s hard transition from “real world” to “fictional world”. My brain and heart had been way too overloaded. It’s been hard jumping into the roles of my characters recently, however, with so much else going on with my family and friends. I found that my character’s feelings were too closely reflecting my own, and thus not authentic to their world of THE SITY.

Writing has gotten back on course though. I am happy to say I am making great progress with book #2. I will have some new previews next week!
Thanks for the support!



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