Poem – Concrete Kingdom

Time moves FAST
Holding on to what WON’T last
TRAPPED behind open windows
Feeling white-washed by a flash
of SUNless and SOULless glares…
Will you dare to STAND up
From the empty seats
Of surrounding “memories???”
You woke from sleep
To see the INcomplete LINES
Of future’s WRATH
Looming over past’s path
Yellow, muted to existence…
With your hands…
With your mind’s eye
You can
Defy and DEFINE
An OLD way in the
This you must do!!!
Or else succumb to the
Prison Space
Angled forth
A SMALL CITY defaced
As quick as
A blink
Is that a blink, do I see…
In your cold STILL face?
Find your place…
In this CONcrete world, rat race

by Curran Geist, 2013



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