The ground felt soft against her bare feet…

The ground felt soft against her bare feet. The bright sun warmed her skin. The soft breeze caused ripples flowing across her white dress.

Carina was standing in a vast field of lush grass. The sky above her was a crystal clear blue with large whimsical clouds. She could smell the sweet and salty aroma of the ocean and hear the gentle lapping of waves against a cliff.

She skipped happily across the stretching plains toward the sounds of the coastline. Her brisk steps followed a narrow trail of daisy flowers. As Carina climbed eagerly over the latest plateau of grass, she could now see the edge of the cliffs.

Below the coastline was the sprawling, endless ocean. Floating at the top of the water was a massive city of Victorian-style houses. The homes rocked gently back and forth and she could see people standing from their balconies, smiling and waving back at her.

Carina waved back eagerly at them. “I’m over here,” she yelled to them.

“Come home, Carina. It’s time to come home to your family,” they replied back from their swaying perches.

As Carina searched for a way down to the water, she could see the sky suddenly grow dark. Massive storm clouds were rolling in. Lightening struck down from the heavens and toward the city of human homes.

She stood helpless from cliffs as the city was now engulfed in fire. The people were burning before her. The wooden frames of the Victorian buildings collapsed into the orange water. The ceilings were caving in and crushing people before her.

“It’s time to come home to your family…” beckoned the ghostly shrieking voice from behind her.

Carina turned around and could see a massive army of alien soldiers now approaching. They were running toward her across the field of grass. Their green bodies now merged together into one. They became just a solid wall full of demon eyes, razor teeth, and arms stretching and slashing toward her.

As the wall of Kuljik forms converged around her, Carina knew there was nowhere she could go. She stood precariously by the edge of the cliff and looked down into the furious waves and burning buildings. The Kuljiks were now on her.

She felt her entire body being consumed in the blob of green alien flesh. Her body was blending into the writhing wall and becoming one with the aliens. Carina struggled furiously against the pulsating mass of green trying to suck her in. She punched and kicked as the alien wall took hold over her body and was now forcing her over the cliff.

Carina screamed as she began to descend. As she screamed, the Kuljik arms all around her were now shattering. The gangly claws became a shimmering green cloud of tiny sharp glass chards. But Carina was still falling, rapidly.

There was no ground beneath her. Just the dark sprawling ocean of charred bodies and crumbling, burning buildings. She felt herself smashing against the water. Everything was dark around her. She could barely see in the murky depths as she continued to sink further and further below.  There was no light. No hope. Just a black hole squeezing the life from her cold body.

Carina felt a hand now gripping onto her wrists. The hand was pulling her up through a trail of little water bubbles. Pulling her back to the surface. It was a boy’s hand connected to a thin figure. The boy had light brown hair, dimpled cheeks, and sparkling green eyes beneath his glasses.

He swam swiftly through the maze of dead human bodies that were sinking down around them in the dark water. He navigated their path through the drowning frames of the Victorian buildings…continuing to follow the trail of glowing bubbles to the fiery surface.

They finally reached the surface of the ocean. As they broke through the icy sheet of frozen waves that had now formed, Carina could feel the boy’s fingers digging into her wrists.

She looked at him again. The young man was now wearing a mime mask. He had short black hair spiking out from behind it. His jacket, striped shirt, and dark trousers were soaked with purple blood. It was Victor.

Carina reached forward toward him. Her hands went to his face and pulled up his mime mask. Beneath the mask was just his fleshless skull. His eye sockets were empty and vacant. She looked down to her wrists and could see his skeleton fingers clamped around her skin.

The icy ground, where they stood, now lifted up. They were rising higher and higher above the frozen ocean and even above the cliffs. Carina could feel Victor’s bony hand now reaching around to her back and pulling her in closer to his skeleton form. They balanced together now on the small slick platform, rising through the clouds.

Carina could see that Victor’s other hand was now gripping a long sword. As he held her firmly, he slowly brought it up to her neck.

And then Victor plunged the sword through her chest and into her rapidly throbbing heart.

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