Cleaning out my twitter follows

Sorted through all the people I “follow” on twitter. Un”followed” a bunch of people who un”followed” me. I still find twitter kind of funny. I am not really a social media type of person.

I use to think you should only follow people you actually know, like close friends.

It’s like on goodreads? Who is friend and is a goodreads friend? What is the difference? How do you know when it’s appropriate to add someone as a friend and not seem like a weirdo. All this etiquette rules are so confusing to me. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cleaning out my twitter follows

  1. I follow people on Twitter who are authors and book bloggers mostly. I follow or follow back if the author has books I’ve read/might read/might want to blog/tweet about as it’s easier to alert them when I talk about their book, which lets them retweet for added publicity. If I add their book to my wishlist, I’ll probably follow them at some point. I follow bloggers who review genres that I like to give me ideas for future reads. But I don’t expect all authors and bloggers to follow me back. I follow purely for myself and to make it easier to talk about people. I was never interested in social media either but I joined Twitter to help me promote books for authors. As an experiment, I’m enjoying it!

  2. Thanks for your comment and advice. I certainly don’t expect everyone to follow me back and still follow bloggers, reviewers, and other authors in my interest areas. Twitter is very new to me and it has been fun, but also a little strange to navigate. I dumped a bunch of ‘follows’ that I began to think were fake profiles or just completely out of my interest area. I am starting to realize just HOW MANY fake profiles there are out there.

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