Interview and Except from THE SITY Book #2

From Spotlight on ‘The Sity’ by Curran Geist

Author Q&A: Curran Geist

Can you give us a one sentence synopsis that sums up the plot of ‘The Sity’?

At its core The Sity is about the oppressed standing up to their oppressors and the inner struggles of two young humans to find their purpose in a world where they don’t belong.


There are a lot of components to the world you’ve created in this novel.  Where did you begin with the creation of this dystopian world setting?

When I first started writing The Sity, I planned it as a graphic novel. However, I then decided to transform the visuals into words and to produce it as a novel. I am very much inspired by pictures when I write. To create the world of the Sity, it was really important for me to sketch out my ideas first. I would collect images from different films, artists such as H.R. Giger, and even video games and then merge these with my own imagination to depict this dystopian universe.


The world you’ve created is a brutal one, with many horrifying acts visited upon the humans by the aliens. Was there any part of this, which was particularly difficult to write?

I’ve grown very attached to the characters in my novel. To me, they are like real people. In fact, many of them are inspired by people I know. Writing some of the more horrifying scenes is always quite a painful process, and I feel bad about some of things that happen to these characters. It is important to recognize that many of the brutal things that the aliens do in my novel mirrors atrocities in the world today. For example, human trafficking is still a major global problem with over one million woman and children sold into sexual servitude (FBI report 2013). This is very sad and shocking. In my novel, I want to show that my characters may be victims of crimes, but they aren’t “victims”. They are survivors who fight back and don’t let the horrors define who they are and their destinies.


This novel is part of a planned four part series.  Can you give any hints as to what’s next for the characters?

I sure wish I knew. It would make the writing process easier! Actually, book two (which is currently untitled) should be done before the end of this year. Without spoiling anything, I will just say that some unlikely partnerships will begin to form, the struggle for freedom will come with heavy costs, and readers will get a glimpse of the world beyond the walls of The Sity. The characters will be challenged to dig even deeper for courage in tenuous circumstances.


The novel is very visual and at least one reviewer has mentioned it would make excellent movie material.  Which director and actors would you love to see bring ‘The Sity’ to the big screen?

Now that would be exciting if The Sity was made into a movie! I would have to say Ridley Scott would be the ideal director. Loved his work in Blade Runner, Gladiator, and Alien. To see my wish list for actors and actresses, you can actually check out my website at To just name a few though, I think Saoirse Ronan would be great as Carina, and Logan Lerman would be awesome as Victor.


Can we have a little extract from the next book in the series please?

His boots sunk into the acid soaked dirt as he jumped out from the helishuttle. He could barely stand as the swirling red winds pounded upon him. Beneath his thick white ranger armor, his skin trembled as the sharp chards of infected rock and stone grated upon him from all sides. For the winds had collected the remnants of what was left of this dying planet, consuming it and belching it out again like a gluttonous beast hell bent on destruction. His suit was now the only thing protecting him from being torn to shreds. How had it come to this? We warned you. We tried to help. Why didn’t you listen? Now, move, god damn it, move.

He staggered forward, pushing his way through the dense wall of corruption. Glancing backwards over his shoulder, he realized that the safety of the helishuttle was now fading from view as if it too was being eaten up by the winds. For a moment, he thought about returning. He wanted to return, but it was as if something had taken hold of his trembling legs, forcing him onward into what he knew was just a death zone. It is a ranger’s duty. You must find any who may remain. There may be hope still. Hold strong. Hold strong. A flash of lightening tore through the smog. In that moment, seconds which seemed like an eternity, he could now see his surroundings better. He was near a village.

What was left of a village.

He was standing in the middle of a street. The concrete path was cut up straight down the middle, like a slab of flesh parting open from a gruesome carving. The houses to both his sides were barely standing. Rooftops ripped open from rockets shells. Flames danced behind shattered windows leading up to funnels of grey smoke. What trees that remained were uprooted from the ground. Tendrils of black oil seemed to infect the trees’ bodies. Bark flaked off like dead skin. Their mangled branches seemed to reach out for him like the arms of a pained being.  So close, that the whittled fingers seemed to be trying to grab him. And they were grabbing him now, clawing at the fabric of his white armor. He tugged himself away from the clasps of the dying, not allowing himself to be consumed by their pain. As the hands released from his body, he pressed forward again down the street. The red winds converged back to obscure his view, swallowing up the howling trees.

“Don’t forget about me.”

Extract from Book Two of The Sity Series by Curran Geist



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