What happens In-Between your Dreams

What happens In-Between your Dreams

Just started a “new” creative writing/arts blog called IN BETWEEN DREAMS. Feel free to message me if you’d like to share one of your short stories, poems, or arts (including photos). I’ve created this separate blog as forum for people to express the ideas that exist in our dreams and in-between those dreams.

What does that title mean? Well, it can be interpreted in several different ways. Here is mine. In my perspective, it’s our dreams that represent the purest, most authentic snapshots of our selves.

You can’t fake it in your dreams. This is where your subconscious, for good or bad, shows itself. So rather than viewing my life as what I do in-between days, I experience it as in-between dreams. For that is the most “real” experiences that I could ever have. During the day, I can run from my demons and if I choose pretend to be something I’m not. In my dreams, I have to confront the truth of myself. It’s from my dreams and nightmares where I also get my most creative inspiration for my novel THE SITY and for my poems.

I hope you will enjoy the new blog and also consider submitting something to it.



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