Brain on hyper-drive

Ever have those nights where you just have so many ideas you can’t sleep. Well, last night was one of those. Was all tucked in with my wife and my cat (which sleeps on my pillow by my head) and then I had to sneak out of bed. To what nefarious deeds did I sneak away from my two lovelies. Had to map out two chapters of my book.

Sometimes I like to write things out like a script. My brain was just conversing with itself and I got five pages out. I hope some of it is good! At two in the morning, it’s hard to know if you pushing out quality stuff. Well, at least its out of my brain, and typed out instead. Even though I might not keep it, it’s out there in the world. 

I’m very attached to all my characters. Sometimes it crazy to think of all the alternative situations they’ve been involved in over these last four years. There’s been some pretty radical paths that have been completely cut.

Well, sorry wife and kitty, but creativity called and snuggles had to wait. 🙂


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