Another 5-Star Review

Another 5-Star Review

Brand new 5-star review of The Sity! Thank you so much.

“What impressed me most was the unification of the story elements from cover to cover. The scenes, the characters, the conflict, and most of all, the Acid Rain. The ever present Acid Rain that symbolizes the heroes suffering. Deepening it and reminding us of it at every turn.

The kind of Sci-Fi\Fantasy that I love the most is one which explores the human element more so than the technical or magical elements and Geist delivers. Right from the first pages, you see these characters in the depths of their suffering and as the story evolves, you see them emerge to accept their destiny, their contribution, and the suffering they must endure to put an end to the evil ways of their filthy and cowardly masters.

I also feel compelled to mention the timeliness and relevance of the human trafficking and sex slavery which this book exposes so well. We hear more and more about these horrific places almost every day. How they steel our children, dope them up, and then torture them for nothing more than self gratification. Anything that brings us into that world solidifies our resolve to stand against it. Hopefully, people will read The Sity and recognize the darkened little corners of our world…if they dare to face it. This is exactly what Sci\Fi is all about. Good Sci\Fi lets us look at ourselves from a distance, some far away place, some distant future, but always at ourselves. Highly recommended with 5 stars.”


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