A gripping space opera – WON RACE by D.F. Laborde

I recently had the pleasure of reading a wonderful SciFi novel from an indie author named D.F. Laborde. I wanted to share with all of your my review of his book. I would definitely recommend reading it. I finished it in only a couple days, since I was so hooked.

Here is the amazon link if you want to pick it up. Only .99cents.


This is a must read for sci-fi adventure fans. The novel Won Race begins with an interstellar war that really transcends both time and place. D.F. Laborde does an excellent job of integrating the lore of his fantasy world through out the fast-paced story. There is a lot of gripping and shocking action. What I appreciated the most from the battle scenes, for example, was the combination of both technical details and heart. The author shows both sides of the conflicts and you feel as if you are right there in the middle. I could really see and feel the action. During some of the earlier confrontations between warring Lycerene and Neferan spaceships, I was literally on the edge of my bed as I read from the Kindle. Later on in the book, I could feel the fear in the characters as they struggled to survive tenuous circumstances.

The book is a brisk read and I couldn’t put it down. There are many shocking and unexpected twists in the story. Whenever I expected that it would go into familiar Sci-Fi territory, a new development would complicate the story. The tale would be thrown into jarring, but satisfying new directions. I really appreciated that the author showed the different sides to the massive conflicts in his universe; which Earth ends up being at the center of. This book, as the title would suggest, makes some really poignant observations about race relations and global conflicts in the world today. The title itself seems to have multiple meanings. Rather than tell you what I mean by that, you should pick up the book!

However, there are a few things that I wished D.F. Laborde would have done differently. There are many characters and races to follow in this book and the transitions from different character perspectives often come in the middle of chapters. At times, this was challenging for me to follow, as there weren’t always clear indications of when the perspectives had shifted. I also had to re-read certain parts several times to keep track of all the names as well as the ever expanding number of races.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed by the novel. I think fans of sci-fi, military adventures, and even horror should definitely pick up Laborde’s book. Be prepared for an entertaining read, but also a journey that probes you philosophically and makes you think.
– Book Review by Curran Geist


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