Another 5-Star Review of my #Dystopian Thriller

Another 5-star review of The Sity. Thanks deep roads!  I’m glad you enjoyed my book.

One of the few contemporary sci-fi books I’ve read. It’s a dark world filled with conflict and slavery. It’s humans versus some aliens who have taken over the inhabitable world. The result is the Sity- a seemingly endless labyrinth of slime, pain and gloom. Humans as a race have been enslaved by Kuljiks, grotesque aliens who take sadistic pleasure in abusing their captives and using many of them as sex toys. The lead characters, Victor and Carina, each have had their loved ones snatched from them and hence have strong motivation to revile the Kuljiks, making the story all the more believable. They team up to invade the citadel of the Kuljiks but the pairing is anything but uneventful. There are delightful bits of internal conflict between aggression and morality within each character as they grapple with an unforgiving reality on one hand but are also reigned in by the legacy and values of a forgotten human society and race on the other. I especially liked the buildup in many parts of the story where the author leaves subtle hints to what’s coming next , making it an exercise for the imagination that I’m unlikely to forget in a hurry. The story has gore in some places but engrossing all the same. Nice characterization. May need minor editing, but definitely a book for keeps. Sci-fi fans will love it!

If you want to get The Sity it’s only .99cents.


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