It’s 3:54 AM – The Sity 3rd Edition is Finally Done!

I have been working, writing, and editing feverishly these past two weeks. Second time, I wrote, or should say edited, through the night.

Very excited to have completes all the edits. This whole process has taught me a couple things.
1. English is weird.
2. English grammar rules are weird
3. Published authors take different grammar creative licenses
4. I really need an editor. This shit is hard.
5. Why are editors so expensive? Number 4 answers number 5, I guess
6. I love my book. lol. I can’t help it. Reading my book for the zillionth time has made me fall in the love with the characters all over again. Oh, Carina. swoon.


Anyway, I am very happy with this version of THE SITY. This should be the final, final version of the book. Changes should be live this Thursday! I’ll keep you all posted.

Now, to get some much needed sleep. ZZZZZZZZZ


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