Ready for thrills and chills? These two reviewers were.

Here are two advance reviewer’s thoughts on Only the Cold Remains.

“The story is a great one, told in a vivid way with a mix of hard-hitting brutality, action-packed sequences and thought provoking ideas. This book is captivating and difficult to put down once you get started! The chills and thrills are plentiful and kept me entertained and horrified all the way to the end. There were a few well plotted surprises and I really liked the ending, particularly the last line as it hinted at what was to come – this actually gave me shivers. I will be anxiously awaiting the next book now as I am eager to see what happens next! Overall this is a thoroughly entertaining, terrifying and unique sci-fi horror novel and an excellent continuation to ‘The Sity’ series storyline. Highly recommended!” – Sharon Stevenson

“Only the Cold Remains by Curran Geist is a dark and complex dystopian thriller involving humans and aliens, named Kuljik.
The story unravels layer by layer in several separate narratives, keeping the readers on their toes and sustaining a sense of mystery that works particularly well in this phenomenal futuristic, other-worldly and post-apocalyptic setting. Geist has created a great cast of characters, each with a detailed and unique background, motifs for action and desires. The story is that of a struggle for survival and resilience and reflects in many ways on flaws in real life society, ancient and contemporary. This is a gripping and powerful science fiction novel with all ingredients to become a cult classic.” – Christoph Fischer

Only the Cold Remains hits Kindles on Friday, June 13th.


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