Patricia Hamill is reading THE SITY #2 and sharing her thoughts on it.

Author/book reviewer/blogger Patricia Hamill is providing updates as she reads ONLY THE COLD REMAINS (The Sity #2).

It’s been fun to follow her thoughts as she navigates through the thrills and chills of my second novel. I’m glad that she’s liked it so far!

Below are her updates!

06/20 marked as: currently-reading  
06/28     22.0% “I’m liking it so far. Dark, dangerous and gritty. More romance, but also more danger. More sexual content than I remember being in The Sity. Quality of writing has definitely improved from the first book. :-)”
06/29     27.0% “:-)”
07/06     37.0% “:-) Scary and exciting.”
07/08     94.0% “Definitely for adults due to violence and sexual content, but it’s quite an exciting story.”

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