Introducing the characters of my new book “Conditions” Post 2: Tony

Meet one of the main characters in the wonderful new book CONDITIONS by Christoph Fischer.


Book Marketing2My new book “Conditions has just been released. A good opportunity to introduce another main character of the book:

Tony has had a tough life. Always missing out and having to make allowances for his brother he doubts that Charles truly has a legitimate illness, and bitterly resents him for having taken up too much of their mother’s attention and resources.


He finds happiness and love early in his life with Clare, an attractive trophy wife who adores him and builds her life around him and the children. They have little to do with his family until the funeral.


To Tony’s straight and narrow mind of building houses and playing football Charles is a self-absorbed chatter-box with no sense of responsibility and awareness of others, and his friends are a bunch of ‘freaks’.


Find out how he and his wife Clare deal with grief and loss, their differences with Charles and…

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