What is your Darkest Fear? Mine – is being paralyzed (like Joseph).

Darkest Fears: An Interview with Curran Geist

Darkest Fears month continues with author Curran Geist…

CGeist Halloween Picture

Firstly, please can you give us three random, lesser-known facts about yourself?

As a kid, I used to make all of my own Halloween costumes out of cardboard, tape, and paint. My first real crush was on Ariel from the Little Mermaid. When I was sixteen, a pastor wanted to perform an exorcism on me.  

How long have you been writing for and how many books are you currently working on?

I have been writing, since I was 12. I currently have three different novels that I’m working on – all of which are in completely different genres! I also have a half completed children’s book in the works.

What is it about the horror genre that captures your imagination?

I was a pretty extreme sleepwalker as a kid. I still suffer from regular night terrors (or something called sleep paralysis), where I feel like my entire body is being controlled by an external being. Fear is something that has followed me my whole life, and I am fascinated by how psychological manifestations can seem so much more real than what is really real per se. So I guess my point is that I see the horror genre as something that’s played out through out my life. I try to tap into my fears and demons, whenever I write.

What is your darkest fear and have you ever written about it?

I guess this relates back to the previous question. Probably my greatest fear is of feeling paralyzed and losing all control of my body. This lack of control is something I have several characters wrestle with as they try to survive the horrors in the metropolis called the Sity.

Have you ever totally creeped yourself out while writing?

There is a particular scene in Only the Cold Remains when I creeped myself out. It involves some of the characters arriving at a nursery school and encountering some rather interesting devices. When I wrote that part, I just sighed, shuddered, and thought — man, Curran you are a sick bastard.

You can read the rest of the interview on the Supernatural Story Spinner website:



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