An excellent example of the power of writing as a tool for social commentary (and there’s lots of exciting action too)

Just got a new review of Only The Cold Remains! I love what the reader had to say about my novel. I also loved that it made them “think” about deep issues. Yay!

“Such a thought provoking and exciting read! This will definitely appeal to fans of sci fi, horror, thrillers, and mysteries, as it is full of exciting plot twists, gory fight scenes, and non stop action. But it will also appeal to those who crave books that really make you think critically about social, ethical, identity, and philosophical issues. It’s not gruesome just for the shock value of being gruesome. Rather, it challenges the reader to engage deeply with the material and question the motives and ethics of the characters’ choices and actions. If you just want the action and gruesomeness, it’s definitely there. But if you want something deeper than that, then you will have many opportunities to think critically about complex issues. So there’s a really nice balance between heart pounding action and opportunities for introspection.

The book has very concise, real time writing and I really felt that I was there experiencing the action with the characters. The slow moving narrative is very effective here because it could otherwise be easy to get confused with all the different characters and story arcs, but they all come together so nicely and the story is told in such a clear, intricate way, that I, as a reader, had enough time to absorb each character and their experiences and then assimilate that into the larger story as a whole and see how everything ultimately connects (there are plenty of surprises and plot twists!).

There are also very intricate looks into each character. The excellent close third person narrative almost reads like first person. You’ll get a good feel for the characters’ motivations, desires, and deepest fears – the villains too. The alien characters (Kuljiks) are presented in a very human way. There are good and bad ones, just like there are good and bad humans. It blurs the lines between what is “alien” and what is familiar. What do we really mean by “us” vs “them”? Are we justified in believing that we do not posses any of the traits we claim to abhor in others? This opens up the complex question of identity and fighting the darkness inside ourselves. There is also the question of how much power the past has in defining us and whether we are capable of moving past previous hurts and changing for the better. How do the main characters come to terms with the knowledge of their past? Are they accountable for their actions? What is really “right” and “wrong”? So many very thought provoking issues are raised. I can’t wait for the next installment in this wonderfully written series!”


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