Author Curran Geist Spotlight

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Curran Geist  is the author of The Sity series  and the Children’s book  Fluffy Friends Forever . He is also the co-author of the horror anthology At Hell’s Gates 2: Origins of Evil

The Sity (The Sity #1)
the sity 1

The sounds could only mean one thing… They were coming for me…
Victor’s memory has been damaged from months of torture and enslavement. There’s one thing they can’t steal from him…the hope of finding his lost family. Carina is haunted by strange visions and the symbols etched into her skin. She will stop at nothing to discover her true identity.
In this tale of survival and vengeance, two young humans fight back against the oppression of an alien race called the Kuljik. Dangers and unspeakable horrors lie around every corner of the Sity, a violent metropolis where enslaved humans are abused for the pleasure of the aliens. Victor and Carina are…

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