Only the Cold Remains is “NOT” for the faint of heart…

What Readers Think of Only the Cold Remains.



  • “The story is a great one, told in a vivid way with a mix of hard-hitting brutality, action-packed sequences and thought provoking ideas. This book is captivating and difficult to put down once you get started!”
  • “This will definitely appeal to fans of sci fi, horror, thrillers, and mysteries, as it is full of exciting plot twists, gory fight scenes, and non stop action. But it will also appeal to those who crave books that really make you think critically about social, ethical, identity, and philosophical issues.”
  • “There is a lot going on in this book; action, intrigue, sparks of romance, secrets and politics, guilt and shame, love and loss, horror and doubt. The complexities of human nature will draw you in.”
  • “This book doesn’t hold back. Love, lust, violence, death, blood, gore, perversion, all of this and more is packed into this novel. It’s not for the faint of heart…”
  • “The story unravels layer by layer in several separate narratives, keeping the readers on their toes and sustaining a sense of mystery that works particularly well in this phenomenal futuristic, other-worldly and post-apocalyptic setting. This is a gripping and powerful science fiction novel with all ingredients to become a cult classic.”

It’s comments like these that drive me to keep writing. 🙂


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